A Guide to Romance

What to Wear


A large part of the nervousness that accompanies a date begins with the unknown. The two people may be meeting for coffee, they could be going out for dinner, or they might just spend the evening with mutual friends. Not knowing what will occur during their time together may make each of them feel awkward, but that is not all that contributes to it. What to wear for a date is something men and women struggle with, and getting it wrong can make the date a disaster.

Individual taste has a lot to do with clothing these days, so it should not be shocking to think a person’s wardrobe might not prepare them for a particular meeting. Those who like to live an edgy life could have clothing that reflects their lifestyle, and going out with a much more conservative person could be a disaster for both parties. Consideration for the other person is only possible if their values are known, so that is another issue that can make the date a fail.

Today’s fashion styles might be suitable if a person is able to dress in a moderate outfit, but they might not adore shopping. An outdated wardrobe is often useful for everyday work or being with friends, but it may lend little credibility to a person on a blind date. Finding something that looks stylish while being relatively moderate could be impossible.

Nervousness is expected on first dates, and some of it does have to do with deciding what to wear. A lack of knowledge about the other person is a contributing factor, but the person’s own clothing style can be another factor in how the evening goes. Choosing the most moderate or conservative clothing may not always work, but it tends to be a good direction to head when the unknown strikes in the dating world.