A Guide to Romance

Wearing a Smile


Even those who have already met the person they will be going on a date with have anxieties, and they need to address them before walking out the door. They could be concerned about where they will be going for the evening, or they might have fears of being unable to find good conversational topics. One thing they should consider making sure they have packed into their arsenal of social necessities is wearing a smile because it will help them get past the times when conversation turns awkward or their hopes for a good dinner are sunk when they see the restaurant.

It takes two people on a date to make it a success, but those who has just begun going out often find that at least one of them will make mistakes. They might misread what the other person has said, and they make a reservation at a restaurant they despise. One of them might have been told the other person loves the color green when they do not, and it can be irritating if they are wearing clothes that can turn irritating quickly.

The date might not be a complete failure if the couple can find a way to have a good conversation, and a smile can help bridge the gaps they might encounter. It can be an invitation to speak about personal dreams, or it can signify agreement about the bad service at the restaurant. Between two people, a healthy smile can tell them that not all is lost when it comes to having a good time together.

Few people think of a smile as part of what they are wearing, but those lacking it tend to have a worse time than those who remembered to bring a good one. Being in a social situation with another person should be a time when they feel good about getting out of the house, and their smile should convey their pleasure.