A Guide to Romance

Searching for Clues


Murder mysteries are a fun area of fiction to explore, and those who read or watch the movies often find searching for clues to be the best part. Some of them will go on to enjoy putting the pieces together, but they know that nothing will be resolved until they have all the clues they need. Going on a date is like a mystery where the other person is full of unknown values, so gathering clues and piecing them together can be part of the fun.

Observation is the best way to find the clues, but polite people know that staring at another person is wrong. They will have to do their best to search without being obvious, but there are a few telltales that show up easily. A person gives off silent signals that can be interpreted as clues, and watching for those is expected. Quick glances are an easy way to spot these signals, and a date should make at least some eye contact.

If the date is a woman, she will often hesitate at her car door. This is a sign she expected to be treated as a lady, and she believes a polite man will open the door for her. It might not seem like a big clue, but it can set the tone for the date and the relationship that might follow. Interpreting this clue correctly will give her date a chance to see more clues as the evening wears on.

Giving away clues is not always something a person does consciously, but they are meant to be seen. It is not always easy to discover them, but it can be part of the fun of being on a date. For those who have found enough clues to make the date go smoothly, the opportunity to ferret out clues on future dates might be granted.