How to be Nice

Going out for a date is not about what a person wants, it is about what both people expect from their time together. The realization that the other person has feelings and thoughts of their own might come as a surprise to some, but it should be the main consideration for each person present. It is not difficult to know how to be nice, but nervousness can get in the way of real thought.

A large part of being a nice person is the idea of thinking about the needs of someone else and acting on it. For those who are nervous about being with someone new, looking at it through the other person’s eyes might show them a mirror image of their own feelings. There are not too many people who feel completely comfortable on the first few dates, and realizing that some cover it up better than others can be helpful to remember.

Taking the time to think of the other person first might be difficult for those with little experience, but their effort should be recognizable. If their partner sees their hesitations as only a fault, they probably are not worth dating. The person who can see their date is hesitating and trying to ensure their comfort will be someone worth considering for a relationship, so patience can be a virtue for both of them.

It does take time when a person is with someone new to figure out what they like or want, so a thoughtful person will eventually realize the hesitation is due to figuring out their needs. They will generally appreciate the effort, and they will understand how nice their date is trying to be. For those who repeatedly go out on dates, being nice to the other person will eventually become second nature without the hesitation of thought.