A Guide to Romance

Going the Distance


A good relationship involves a great deal of trust between partners, so taking extra steps to ensure the other person feels they are being heard can be important. When they feel sad, knowing their partner is willing to respect their mood might be part of developing a bond. Finding they are in a difficult situation, emotional support without hesitation could create a deep feeling of trust. Even knowing the other person is willing to take care of them when they do not feel well is a way of going the distance to show that person is loved and appreciated.

People have many things that affect them, and a partner respecting their mood can make a relationship better. Knowing the other person is sad because a friend passed means offering them comfort. Being able to share this type of emotional turmoil can bring the two closer, and it can sometimes help the sad partner overcome their loss. There are even times when respect for a mood can brighten it, so it pays to be attentive.

Emotional support of this magnitude shows care and concern for a partner, so it can strengthen their bond. The ability to count on another person emotionally is what a long term relationship is about, so sharing in life’s good and bad moments should be part of the deal. The act of caring alone can bring about a deeper trust between the partners, and it can show them they are not alone when disaster strikes.

Many illnesses are transitory, but just having a partner to help out can make a person feel better. They have someone willing to care for them, and they know they will not face medical issues alone. Going the distance could be as simple as a cool drink when thirst strikes, or it could be building enough trust to know when a partner needs or wants extraordinary care when hit with a debilitating illness.